Simplified method for calculating active earth pressure against rigid retaining walls for cohesive backfill Упрощенный метод расчета активного давления грунта засыпки на жесткие подпорные стенки

Juoguo Peng, Yanpeng Zhu


The horizontal slice element method for calculating active earth pressure against rigid retaining walls has been extended to the cohesive backfill. The formula of the nonlinear distribution of active earth pressure is derived satisfying the Reciprocal theorem of shear stress. According to the Mohr-Coulomb’s theory, the lateral active earth pressure coefficient can be determined. In order to check the accuracy of the proposed equation, the predictions from the equation are compared with both existing full-scale test results and values from other studies. The comparisons between calculated and measured values show that the proposed equations provide satisfactory results.


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